For every bottle sold, we donate $0.50 to Freestyle Divers
to rebuild coral reefs in the UAE. 


The UAE is home to extraordinary marine life that has adapted over time to survive in the hot summer waters. However with climate change, coral reefs are under threat and quickly disappearing.

To restore these precious habitats and preserve the coastline, we’ve partnered with Freestyle Divers – a diving academy based in the UAE that leads a number of marine conservation initiatives. Buying a bottle from our Sustainable Wine Selection allows IDS and Freestyle Divers to build more artificial reefs, restoring habitats for a broad range of species to return to the coast.

What are sustainable wines?

Sustainable wines are produced with practices that are environmentally friendly. This means using farming methods that protect the environment, like reducing chemical use, conserving water and running the winery in a way that can continue effectively for a long time. The goal is to make great wine while also taking care of the planet.

Rooted in Responsibility

Sustainable winemaking places a strong emphasis on nurturing the soil. It involves practices, such as avoiding synthetic chemicals and incorporating organic compost to enrich soil fertility. Other plants are grown between vines to prevent erosion and improve soil health, while keeping soil disturbance to a minimum protects soil structure, providing space for roots to grow and access nutrients. Additionally, promoting biodiversity naturally controls pests.

Explore our range of sustainable red wines, each crafted with care for the environment and bursting with rich, robust flavors.

Drip by Drip

Drip irrigation is a method that slowly delivers water directly to a plant's roots, drastically reducing wastage. This precise approach conserves water by limiting evaporation and runoff, unlike broader-spray methods. It also curtails weed growth, as only the soil surrounding the plant is moistened. Additionally, keeping the foliage dry reduces the likelihood of disease.
Drip irrigation is thus a crucial practice in sustainable winemaking, effectively conserving water while promoting healthier plant growth and superior grape production.

In order to make the most positive and meaningful impact with regards to sustainability, IDS is committed to set our own objectives operating in line this the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This set of 17 goals were established with the aim of ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuing all people can enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Demonstrating our firm commitment to better ourselves, our community, our markets and the environment, IDS is the first company in the UAE’s beverage sector to join the United Nations Global Compact Network.