In order to make the most positive and meaningful impact with regards to sustainability, IDS is committed to set our own objectives operating in line this the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This set of 17 goals were established with the aim of ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuing all people can enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Demonstrating our firm commitment to better ourselves, our community, our markets and the environment, IDS is the first company in the UAE's beverage sector to join the United Nations Global Compact Network.

This platform will help us achieve our sustainability goals and connect with other businesses who are passionate about doing the same. IDS is excited about integrating sustainability into our business, and 'Our Sustainability Mission' provides a newly developed framework in which we can measure and track progress towards our set sustainability objectives. These objectives remain at the heart of our operations and fall within three focus areas: operational integrity, societal activity and environmental responsibility.


As a dynamic business, we are committed to operating with integrity, honesty and respect in everything that we do.
We want to continue operating as an ethical company, advocating for sustainable development and inspiring others to do the same. Not only do we supply top quality, authentic products, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and suppliers based on integrity, honesty and respect.


'Enjoy responsibly campaign
IDS is committed to preventing the harmful use of alcohol and will continue to promote responsible drinking. Our campaign is already underway with all external marketing communications to have the strap line 'Please enjoy responsibly' displayed visibly for our customers.

Code of Conduct and Knowing our suppliers
As a community, we have discussed and defined what makes IDS the successful company it is today. These values, responsibilities, and the expectations we have for all employees, have been articulated into a Code of Conduct consisting of 8 core principals with the aim of ensuring operational integrity and transparency. In addition to helping our employees connect with the values and business ethics of IDS, the company realises it must actively associate itself with other businesses striving to forge positive change as well. Knowing our suppliers, is a new initiative in which we aim to ensure that the suppliers and third parties IDS has working relationships with also acknowledge and operate in line with our Code of Conduct.


As a global business, we have the opportunity to positively influence our own, and the many different communities we interact with.

Passionate people are what makes our business. All of us are part of the IDS Dubai community, but that is not where our reach ends. We have the privilege of being a positive contributor to the wider community though our own employees, our suppliers and customers located all over the globe. Acknowledging how we belong to this bigger picture, and using our position to stimulate effective change is so important in our mission towards sustainable development.


Giving back campaign
One of IDS's biggest contributions in this area is our philanthropic support of two orphanages in particular, Gentle hands in the Philippines and Shamida in Ethiopia. Both of these organisations are amazing charities doing really pertinent and commendable work, especially in these uncertain times. We aim to support these efforts by providing donations towards the provision of safe and nutritious food to vulnerable children. In this way, we can make a measurable impact in the communities that are close to our heart.

IDS have donated over $20 000 to Gentle Hands and Shamida Orphanage with the money paying for all meals for the children each year.


As a growing business, we recognised the importance of minimising our impact on the environment.
With humanity in the midst of an environmental state of emergency, IDS has identified where we can best minimise the environmental impact of our value chain. We recognise the importance of not only reducing our direct impact, but encouraging positive environmental activity as well. In doing so, we have set a range of environmental sustainability objectives.


Carbon neutrality
IDS is committed to being scope 1 and scope 2 carbon neutral by the end of 2021.
This would mean that as a business, IDS will have no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through our direct emissions channels. Further to this, IDS is committed to offsetting our indirect (scope 3) emissions linked to commuting, business travel and port-to-port shipping emissions. These goals will be achieved through a combination of direct reduction of carbon emissions from our warehouse and office facility and carbon offsetting, carried out by supporting environmental initiatives through reputable sources.

Warehouse waste reduction scheme
Within our warehouse facility, we have added emphasis on promoting responsible consumption and production. We are committed to only using the necessary packaging and have stepped up our tracking of this to be able to measure and reduce packaging waste. We are also exploring alternative/less resource intensive packing options as a focus in 2021.

Elimination of single-use plastics
As of January 2021, the use of single use plastics has been eliminated from our office facility. How are we keeping people in check? Donations must be made for any single-use plastics spotted in the office!