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Lyre’s American Malt (Non Alcoholic)
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Impossibly Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirit - American Malt.

This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a gently mellowed American Classic Bourbon Malt with
flavours that are distinct and contemporary.

To Taste: Generous flavours of vanilla and toasted nuts with herbal notes providing a complexity, offset
by a long mellow finish. The gently spiced palate results in the flavours remaining well after finishing.
How To Enjoy: Enjoy with your favourite premium mixer such as cola. A natural for classic cocktails including the Old
Fashioned or an excellent Boulevardier with Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso and Lyre’s Italian Orange.

Alc Vol: 0%

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Product CodeWH1107
ABV Level0%