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Kenzo Flower Poppy Bouquet Florale Eau de parfum spray 50ml
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FLOWER BY KENZO POPPY BOUQUET, the ultra floral perfume for women by KENZO. In 2000, the master perfumer Alberto Morillas invented the fragrance of a scentless flower: the poppy. This timeless powdery floral fragrance has now become an iconic eau de parfum. For FLOWER BY KENZO POPPY BOUQUET Eau de Parfum for women, Alberto Morillas combined his expertise with the passion of the young perfumer Dora Baghriche. Together they reinvented the olfactory signature of FLOWER BY KENZO and created the women’s perfume POPPY BOUQUET. An explosive bouquet, expressing the poppy’s generous nature.
Paying tribute to KENZO's Japanese roots, the fresh and juicy Nashi Pear introduces a sprightly floral burst with voluptuous Damascena Rose, bright Jasmine and sensual Gardenia.
A modern and upbeat mix-and-match, with a base of irresistible creamy hints of Almond Wood. With FLOWER BY KENZO POPPY BOUQUET Eau de Parfum, KENZO releases the poppy’s communicative power. For a more beautiful world.
Once dressed, spray your perfume by drawing a large triangle from the top of your hair to the inside of your jacket. For a more intense trail, spray your perfume on pulse points such as the neck, back of the neck, behind the ears or even the wrists.

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