Silent Pool Gin

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Our original inspiration for our award-winning gin was drawn from the Silent Pool and the surrounding natural beauty. Months of research had to go into extracting exactly the right combination of flavours from our romantic botanicals. We broke each ingredient down to the molecular level, identified each ingredient’s flavour profile, and the best way to obtain it through the distillation process.

  • Silent Pool Gin is a symbol for uncompromising quality​

  • A classic gin at heart, full bodied and fresh with depth, clarity and flavour. A rich and clean juniper-driven spirit.

  • ​The delicate flavours of lavender and chamomile combine with fresh citrus notes and a velvety honey

  • The premium quality of the liquid is reflected in a beautifully designed bottle that adds value to any home or bar and is finished with a truly satisfying glass stopper​

  • All making for a stunning gin experience, which is remarkably complex yet pleasing on the palette.​

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Product CodeGN1035
ABV Level43%
Gin BrandsSilent Pool
CountryUnited Kingdom