Side Hustle, Passionfruit Mango Hard Seltzer, Cans

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Sparkling, crisp and refreshingly light, hard seltzers are the perfect bubbly beverage for any occasion. Drink chilled, over ice or as a mixture with your favorite cocktail.

The Hard Seltzer business has exploded in recent years, especially in the bars of the U.S., and is a must stock item for both bars and shops/commissaries.

Most Hard Seltzer is made from malt. Side Hustles' Hard Seltzer is made with fermented cane sugar rather than malt, making it gluten-free. It’s “Hard” because it is a seltzer with alcohol, but lower in ABV than a lot of craft beer and these are a relatively light 4.2% ABV. Ideal for hotter temperatures.

Side Hustle Hard Seltzers are handcrafted using the same artisanal process and equipment as the beers. To reach the 4.2% ABV, all-natural cane sugar is fermented with champagne yeast. It is then slowly carbonated to mix in a thoughtfully designed blend of all natural fruit extracts. The result: all of the fresh fruit flavor and bubbles you crave with none of the added sugar (and calories) of other fruit-based drinks.


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Product CodeBE1171
ABV Level4.2%