2013 Chateau La Gurgue, Margaux

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Surface of vineyard : 10 hectares
Soil:Deep gravels on limestone substrate
Plantation: 47 % cabernet sauvignon, 49 % merlot and 4% petit verdot
Average age of vineyard 30 years old
Density 10 000 plants/ha


Everybody knows that the weather conditions in 2013 were difficult for winegrowers. The heavier than usual rainfall will be remembered for years to come. But it was not all bad, July and August were particularly fine and hot, and let us not forget,  those two months are crucial for the grapes and almost determine the quality of the vintage! For this reason we should not be too harsh on this vintage which abounds with pleasant surprises.

On the contrary, it is a chance to discover some superbly subtle wines that were “extracted” from nature through tremendous precision and attention to detail. They may be moderately powerful, but they are also delicate and elegant; our precious Cabernet Sauvignon is not in the least tinged with the character of under-ripe grapes, and once again is the cornerstone of our blends. The Merlot yields were unfortunately dramatically reduced after severe flower abortion, comparable to 1984. 2013 is definitely a vintage of paradoxes, in that we had to harvest a late vintage early, and our blends will consist mostly of Cabernets....

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ABV Level13%